William Affleck

(1787 – 1855)

William Affleck was the most decorated Afro-Caribbean soldier in the Napoleonic British Army, receiving both the Waterloo Medal and the Military General Service Medal
(1793-18140), with four clasps for Sahagun & Benavente, (one shared clasp), Vittoria, Orthes and Toulouse, (making him one of the 10th most decorated enlisted veterans of the Napoleonic Wars 1800-1815). Affleck spoke out against flogging in the military.

1851 Census: 30 March 1851. William Affleck (Head of household). Status – Married. Age: 62 years, Occupation – Chelsea Pensioner (Barber).                                                                                        

Place of Birth: West Indies (British subject).  

Wife: Ann Affleck

Status: Married. Age: 45 years, Occupation – Dressmaker.

Death Certificate:
Registration District: St. George Hanover Square.

Year: 1855

Sub district: Belgrave – In the County of Middlesex. No: 395.

When & where died: Seventh May 1855. St. George Hospital.

Name & Surname:  William Affleck.

Sex: Male

Age: 68 years

Place of Birth:  Coloured native of St. Kitts, WI.

Occupation: A Barber at St. Georges Hospital (Chelsea Pensioner 10th Hussars).

Cause of death: Senile Gangrene.

Signature, description & residence of informant: Ann Affleck. Present at the death.

Address: 36 Gore Lane, Kensington Gore.

When registered: Ninth May 1855. Registrar: William Price Jordan.