The Black Russians

Unless they have studied world literature, or are regular listeners to the informative Radio 4 radio station, the average person on the street, has no idea of who Alexander Pushkin is, or the fact that he is held in great esteem on the world stage; may be not as high as William Shakespeare, but never the less in the same league. Furthermore, they would be more than surprised to know that he is one of Russia’s national heroes and in the heart of the Russian capital, a whole museum is dedicated to Pushkin, his life and his works.

In 2007, the Historian Simon Sebag Montefiore included Pushkin in his book, 101 World Heroes -Great men and woman for an Un-heroic Age.

Taken from Africa and brought to Russia as a child, Pushkin’s great-grandfather, Abraham Petrovich Hannibal, also known as Gannibal – the Moor of St. Petersburg, served at the court of the Tsar. Hannibal was not treated as a slave or as a Subservient, but as an aristocrat, and as such rose up through the military ranks.

The Duchess of Westminster, (Natalia Ayesha Grosvenor) the wife of the Duke of Westminster (the 3rd richest person in Britain – Sunday times Rich List 2007) is a descendant of Alexander Pushkin and therefore also of Petrovich Hannibal.

At the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, W. Midlands (UK), there is an expert with knowledge on the Black Russians, a true Russian who’s actually worked at the Pushkin Literary Museum, Moscow. The fact that there are so few in the community who are well versed in world literature or Black History means that this source of expertise is never ever called upon; and advertised seminars are poorly attended.

*The name Hannibal was in general use from the fifteenth century onwards, and denotes black after Hannibal the great military general of ancient Carthage in North Africa.

Books on Hannibal
The Moor of St. Peters Petersburg-In the footsteps of a Black Russian

For Children
Abraham Hannibal and the Raiders of the Sands
Abraham Hannibal and the Battle for the Throne

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