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Links to the internet just flowing with information about Black History, colonial and imperial history, injustice

Black Cultural Archives grew from a community response to the New Cross Massacre (1981), the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (1984); underachievement of Black children in British schools, the failings of the Race Relations Act 1976, and the negative impacts of racism against, and a lack of popular recognition of, and representation by people of African and Caribbean descent in the UK. Founders, include the iconic Len Garrison, came to the conclusion that what was needed was a space where members of the community, especially young people, could come and find positive representations of themselves in history and culture. This act of self-help expanded into the creation of what our founders called an ‘archive museum’ that evidenced and painted a more comprehensive picture of Black presence in Britain. Based in Windrush Squ, Brixton, London, England.

Black History in America To celebrate Black History in America, this website honors the dedication and work of the many African Americans, from the Revolutionary War to the election of our first African American President. Black History in America has information and photos of distinguished African Americans, like John ColtraneSojourner Truth, and Medgar Evers

BlackPast is dedicated to providing a global audience with reliable and accurate information on the history of African America and of people of African ancestry around the world. We aim to promote greater understanding through this knowledge to generate constructive change in our society. BlackPast also provides the Global African History Time. Users can search by African country and 100 year period. Though far from comprehensive, it provides excellent pointers.

The International Slavery Museum increases the understanding of transatlantic, chattel and other forms of enslavement. Through their collections, public engagement and research, we explore their impact and legacies.  They are a campaigning museum that actively engages with contemporary human rights issues. We address ignorance and challenge intolerance, building partnerships with museums, communities and organisations that share our vision. Based in Liverpool, England.

Global Witness Challenging abuses of power to protect human rights and secure the future of our planet. Read more in About us

past tense  … is a loose collective project that explores working class, social, subversive and underground history and geography, mainly (but not always) around the areas where we live in London – in print, online, and through walks and occasional talks or actions.

South African History Online (SAHO) was established in 1998 and registered in June 2000 as a not for profit Section 21 organisation. SAHO has the largest and most comprehensive online website on South African and African history and culture.  In 2019 the website was used by 6.3m local and international visitors.

Spartacus Educational In September, 1997, Spartacus Educational founder and managing director John Simkin became the first educational publisher in Britain to establish a website that was willing to provide teachers and students with free educational materials.