Health Workers

Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury

“Dear and respectable prime minister Mr Boris Johnson, please ensure urgently PPE for each and every NHS health worker.” These were the words of Dr Abdul Mabud Chowdhury in March and who died from covid-19 on 9th April having spent 15 days in a hospital bed.

In his letter to Boris Johnson, Dr Chowdury showed him the utmost respect. As the months followed, Johnson’s Government showed anything but respect for the people of this country.

Dr Chowdhury’s words were repeated again and again and again and again.

Thomas Harvey

Thomas Harvey a nurse at Goodmayes Hospital in London for 20 years died from coronavirus at home on 29th March.

His children reported on Channel 4 news in early April that they dialled NHS 111 4 times and were told that their dad should stay at home. On the second or third call an ambulance turned up and assessed Thomas, only to say that he was not ill enough to be taken to hospital. Don’t blame the ambulance staff, they had been briefed.

About the same time another essential worker was admitted to hospital, he stayed in an ICU to monitor his health just in case intervention was required, oxygen, a ventilator.

Surely Thomas should have received the same care that Boris Johnson got?

This is the stark reality of inequality, and even starker for black people like Thomas.

Thomas and his family were let down. As we moved on into April, May, June, we saw many other health and social care workers and their families let down.