A Song of Slaves

Rob, do you have a version of this?

A Song of Slaves

by Thomas C. Auld

O Slave of the Wheel and Thread!
O Slave of the Sewing Machine!
Your crust of bread you earn with dread
Lest hunger lurk between!

O Slave of the Factory and Loom!
O Slave of the Mill and Mine!
Ye weave your doom, ye dig your tomb,
For toil alone is thine.

O Slave of the Spade and Hoe!
O Slave of the Harrow and Plough!
The seed ye sow, the grain ye grow,
Another reaps than thou.

O Slave of the Steam-breathing Steel!
O Slave of the Truck and Engine!
The demons’ speed ye needs must feed,
Tho’ hungry ye remain.

O Slaves of the Bellows and Fire!
O Slaves of the Furnace and Flue!
Your limbs perspire, your muscles tire,
Ye forge your chains anew.

O Slaves, is it not more than time
That your servile chains ye broke?
Your brother calls from every clime!
Arise, and add your stroke!