Enemy of Democracy

Not the Only Hoover that Sucks

By Rob Burns

J Edgar Hoover can be described in many ways, but honesty, decency, law abiding and honourable should not be used. However his abuse of power as head of the FBI (the power behind the throne of presidency), enabled him to practice openly his racism, his hatred of US communists, his hatred of the Civil Rights Movement, his hatred of presidents who threatened his power, his hatred of any individual who threatened what he perceived as HIS state was all consuming in the way he ran his life and controlled the perceived conscience of the USA.

He was a man who organised the state murders and jail sentences of anyone he deemed as a threat, he was a blackmailer of presidents and those he saw as a threat, he tapped their phones and watched them collating information he could then use, and if not he would make it up as he did with the infamous ‘sex party’ allegations against Martin Luther King even sending a letter to him persuade him to commit suicide as a way out of the scandal.

The words ‘Conspiracy Theory’ were invented by him for him, the coincidences of a long line of his enemies meeting untimely ends in similar incidents include:  John F. Kennedy (assassinated), Martin Luther King (assassinated), Robert Kennedy (assassinated), Fred Hampton (murdered by police) Mark Clark (murdered by police), The Soledad Brothers (murdered in prison) the list goes on and on including those serving jail terms and later deaths (in particular founding members of The Black Panther Movement).  

Hoover habitually used the FBI’s enormous surveillance and information-gathering powers to collect damaging information on politicians throughout the country, and he kept the most scurrilous data under his own personal control. He used his possession of these secret files to maintain himself as the FBI’s director and was apparently able to intimidate even sitting presidents by threatening to leak damaging disclosures about them.

By the early 1970s he had come under public criticism for his authoritarian administration of the FBI and for his persecution of those he regarded as radicals and subversives often using the FBI and its counterintelligence program, COINTELPRO to undermine any groups or political opponents he wished harm or destroy. He retained his post, however, until his death at age 77, by which time he had been the FBI’s chief for 48 years and had served 8 presidents and 18 attorneys general.

The files were partly destroyed on his death at the FBI buildings by Clyde Tolson, believed to be his long time lover, he also took over the roll as Head of FBI, and retained the blackmailing power he had over current politicians including Richard Nixon.

Hoovers abuse of power may also have been tinged with a level of self loathing he hated Homosexuals yet he was one (more likely a Bi-Sexual and cross-dresser), he was a white supremacist, and yet it seems he had Black heritage.

Millie McGhee is convinced he was a Black passing as White. She’s an African-American teacher who says her late grandfather told her that Hoover was his second cousin. That was 40 years ago. Now, she’s written and self-published a book on the subject: Secrets Uncovered — J. Edgar Hoover, Passing for White.

Larry Carroll thinks he was, too. He’s a former CBS anchorman and NBC network news correspondent who’s producing a documentary on Hoover’s black connection. Initially skeptical, Carroll now says the evidence is compelling.

Some of that evidence was assembled by George Ott, a Salt Lake City, Utah, genealogist who’s traced various Hoover family birth and death records that seem to confirm at least part of McGhee’s familial oral history and, at a minimum, raise questions about his provenance.

What is strange about the American way is that he was mostly eulogised, seen as tough on law and generally decent with a few human flaws. He was in fact a man obsessed with total power, a controlling evil despot, an organiser of death squads dressed up as law. Democracy suffered at his hands, he had absolutely no respect for human rights other than his own.

As for his FBI legacy, he was not even a decent policeman or law maker, he denied the existence of the Mafia and organised crime, but used the mobster/bootleg booze battles to gain state money to build up his FBI empire. He did not make the FBI great as is often stated, he turned them into a predominantly criminal organisation, who practice their power and influence through USA politics to this day. In recent presidential elections and you can clearly see FBI interference from top to bottom, beginning to end.

However like all controlling people Hoover was a complicated man. In 2012 Anthony Summers said,

“the most significant, credible information on Hoover’s sexuality came with the discovery that Hoover for a while consulted Marshall de G Ruffin, a Washington psychiatrist who became president of the Washington Psychiatric Society. De Ruffin’s widow Monteen recalled learning from her husband that his distinguished patient was ‘definitely troubled by homosexuality’.

“After several sessions, however, ‘Hoover got very paranoid about anyone finding out he was a homosexual, and got scared.’ As if to compensate, Hoover lashed out at and sought to expose other homosexuals. For years he had his agents infiltrate and monitor homosexual-rights groups, while he sounded off publicly about ‘sex deviates in government service’.

“My conclusion after five years’ research was that while Hoover may have spent much of his life repressing his private urges while building an image of himself as the acme of sexual purity, he did sometimes lapse – risking catastrophe every time. Having studied the information I assembled, two noted specialists in psychiatry and psychology said they believed Hoover’s sexual torment was very pertinent to his use and abuse of power as America’s top law-enforcement officer”.

A bit of background

By K Thomas

After World War I the British and other colonial powers were beginning to lose hold over their colonies. It took another 40-50 years for this to be consolidated, but what became apparent was that a power vacuum was developing in the world’s ruling classes.

The Russian Revolution in 1917 had exposed the weaknesses further as the world’s ruling capitalist order was questioned by the emerging working classes and centuries of Tsarist oppression over the land working peasants. The workers took power over the Russian Empire.

J Edgar Hoover became the director of the Bureau of Investigation in 1924 and set up the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 1935 which he headed until his death in 1972. He also headed up the fledgling CIA in 1940, a department called the FBI Special Intelligence Service.

The CIA and the FBI’s role was to stop opposition to ensure the ambiton the USA had for power and influence over world trade and access to natural resources, and to stop any opposition at home.

COunter INTELligence PROgram (COINTELPRO) was set up in 1956 and continues today. It was set up to increase factionalism, surveillance of and destablise activism whether it be in socialist and communist parties, civil rights movements, churches. Anything that questioned the ruling order. Illegal investigations going one step further into violence against Americans and as we’ve seen with murder, assassinations.

This is important to note because not only did the FBI, destabilise the trade union movement and the civil rights movements such as the Black Panthers, destabilisation also took place in countries around the world that had elected socialist or communist governments. For example, the assassination of Patrice Lamumba in the Democratic Republic of Congo, because Lamumba wanted democratic control over the Congo’s mines. He wanted profits from the mines to benefit the people in the Congo, rather than go to a handful of businesses such as Union Minière du Haut-Katanga. Another example is the 1953 Iranian coup d’état, where the CIA and the British were instrumental as they wanted to overthrow the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh as he too wanted democratic control of his countries’s resources, in this incident, oil and the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, now BP.

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