Marcus Rashford ace footballer and school dinners campaigner

Marcus Rashford is an ace footballer and has played for Manchester United since 2015. He was the youngest player in the 2018 World Cup, when he played for England. There’s another side to him….

He raised the issue of children and young people who rely on free school meals going hungry when schools are closed. With lock-down imminent due to the covid-19 pandemic, Rashford teamed up with food waste charity FareShare to raise money for meals for children in Manchester. They raised £20 million and then the initiative grew nationwide. On June 11 2020, Marcus Rashford revealed that they had reached 3 million children.

On 16 June 2020, Marcus Rashford relays his story of growing up in poverty to the Guardian.

The Government intended only to provide free school dinners during the pandemic lock-down until the summer holidays. This is the most difficult time for families living in poverty and every summer there are campaigns to feed the children, like FareShare, which was set up in 2018.

The School Meal voucher system was due to finish when schools broke up for the summer holidays. Marcus Rashford wrote to Boris Johnson asking for the syetem to be continued during the summer holidays, but was told no on the 15 June. Rashford then tweeted

….and on the 16, the Government made a U-turn, “

“Boris Johnson has been forced into a humbling U-turn over providing food vouchers for some of England’s poorest families after a campaign launched by the footballer Marcus Rashford threatened to engulf his government in another crisis.

Guardian Johnson makes U-turn on free school meals after Rashford campaign 16 June 2020

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